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No matter where you're at in your fitness journey, CrossFit Outbreak is here to help you take it to the next level. Come into any of our locations to try out a class and you'll understand why our members look forward to coming here every day.

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Danu S. -
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When I found this place I discovered the pleasure of working out. My husband started to go 2 weeks after I started because he never saw me getting up at 5:30am to workout. He knew there was something good in there. The box is very clean and has a friendly environment. I got addicted, he is addicted and our son who is 16 yo is coming with us sometimes.

Michelle Fernandez -
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I'm OBSSESSED with this Box! CrossFit Outbreak is really supportive & encouraging. They have amazing, caring, knowledgable and passionate about CrossFit Coaches. Everyone gives a warm welcome and is extremely supportive of one another which is a plus in my book!!! I've made this place my home and wouldn't trade my new CFO family for no other! I'm sooo happy I've moved to this neighborhood and found this gem.

Anthony K. -
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I joined CrossFit Outbreak in december. Great spot, friendly team, cool, nonjudgmental fellow members, spotless shiny new gym. The coaches focus a lot on technique and form , supervising everybody they emphasize doing all movements correctly and safely more than going ballz to the wallz. They also offer bootcamp classes in fort greene park which is fun and dog-friendly.

Christy C. -
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I never thought I would do CrossFit and I may have also originally tried it just because this place is within 5 minutes walking of my place, but after two months of going consistently, I can honestly say I actually look forward to my workouts at CrossFit Outbreak. Everyone is super nice and supportive, there are always options for scaling the workouts if you need to (and you still feel like you've worked hard). [...]

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