What To Expect From Your First CrossFit Class: By Assistant Head Coach Brittany Bolella

Having coached CrossFit for a few years, I’ve instructed many people taking their first ever CrossFit classes.  The most common statements I hear are along the lines of, “Today’s my first day, and I’m really nervous/intimidated/afraid.”  Sometimes people even start… Read more »

Working Out While Traveling: A Step By Step Guide: By Head Coach Paul Roller

That busy time of year is upon us. Parties, family gatherings, religious events and the like are all on the menu for most of us this holiday season. It’s also the time where traveling and getting out of our normal… Read more »

Don’t Avoid The Gym When You’re Injured!: By Head Coach Paul Roller

Injuries happen. That’s a fact. But what do you do when you’re hurt? Most people will completely stop going to the gym and start back up when they heal. Well I’m here today to tell you that you have the… Read more »

One Small Tip To Get Your First Pullup, Double Under, or Muscle Up: by Coach Richard Wood

Do you not have double unders? Or pull-ups (kipping or strict)? Or handstand push ups? Canʼt get below parallel on a squat? Hereʼs a tip on how to get them. PRACTICE! Too many times, our experience as athletes is limited… Read more »

Personal Training: Taking the “Scary” Out of CrossFit – By Coach Livi Kroll

For beginner athletes, some individuals may find themselves feeling somewhat hesitant or even downright afraid to start a membership at a CrossFit gym. The thought of going from a narrow athletic background, to a weight-lifting class surrounded by other, more… Read more »

Article Feature: Barbend – Best Weightlifting Shoes 2017

One thing that is vastly overlooked in many boxes/gyms worldwide is the importance of wearing proper footwear for lifting. Soft shoes that don’t provide much support just won’t cut it when you’re trying to PR your clean and jerk! Our… Read more »


Another great one by the one and only Jason Phillips. I think it is much needed to remind ourselves that sometimes we need a break from our grind every once in awhile to relax mentally and physically. What better day… Read more »

CFO Nutrition Workshop Presentation

Please reach out to if you have any questions or would like more information about our Outbreak Nutrition program, enjoy! Nutrition Workshop Presentation 9 28 17

The Basics of Periodization

Today, we are chatting about a topic close to my heart, periodization. It has been my passion since diving into the strength and conditioning field about 8 years ago. More on what periodization actually is in a minute, but this… Read more »