Muay Thai

Whether you want to learn how to fight, hone your existing skill set or simply get in shape in a more dynamic fashion, Big Bear Muay Thai is in your corner. From the streets to the stage to the boardroom or the office, we can help you become the strongest version of yourself. From an athletic perspective Muay Thai is holistic in the benefits you’ll gain: strength, power, speed, agility. Our classes drill technique, padwork, and for the advanced classes, fight specific drills and sparring. Muay Thai is the ultimate ego dissolver, revealing your ultimate true self. In uncertain times we will help you be certain that you’ll be ready for all the big and small challenges in life.

Monday – 7:30pm: Advanced Class

Tuesday – 7:30pm: All levels welcome

Wednesday – 7:30pm: All levels welcome

Thursday – 7:30pm: All levels welcome

Friday – 7:30pm: Intermediate Boxing with Sparring after

Saturday3pm: Advanced with Sparring after

All classes are at our East Williamsburg location.