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New Year New You Challenge

New Year New You Challenge @ CrossFit Outbreak What is it: The NYNY is a 30-day nutrition, performance and life challenge It is based on principles of the Paleo Diet, modern-day life, science, and practical experience. This isn’t just a competition;… Read more »

Up Coming Events in October!

New “chalkboard” paint community board- for announcements, social events, bdays, PR’s, trash talk, etc. ‪#‎fiftyshadesofgrey‬. Will be wiped clean the last day of every month. “Next Sunday October 18 at 10:30-11am- come see the athlete’s showcase!! CFO’s first ever Olympic… Read more »


Have you ever you ever missed a workout because you were too sore from yesterdays WOD? Do you have any pain or discomfort while performing certain lifts? Have you been told by a coach that you should work on your… Read more »

Capoeira w/ Pena

CrossFit Outbreak will be introducing a new class called Capoeira. Ever had the thought of trying it out while in Brazil? Well now we are saving you the trip. Come join us on Februray 8th at 12:00pm at CrossFit Outbreak…. Read more »