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CFO Fall Brawl Information

On October 1st at our East Williamsburg location, we will be hosting our second annual “CFO Fall Brawl” in-house competition! It will be an individual competition, and is open to any and all members of CrossFit Outbreak, no matter what… Read more »

Ever Wonder What Coach Adam Eats After His Workout? Read This To Find Out! (Plus 19 Other Fitness Trainers Recommendations For Post-workout Meals)

In this article by Eat This, 20 top fitness trainers/coaches (including Outbreak Co-Owner and Coach, Adam Sturm!) reveal what they like to eat after they workout and why they do so. You’ll find all of that tasty, mouth-watering information here. Check… Read more »

Coach Paul Featured on Article Titled “22 Truths About Willpower”

Have you ever wondered or struggled with not being able to resist a tasty treat? Or maybe just anything that doesn’t align with a goal you’ve set for yourself? Well Eat This has your back! They recently posted this article with 22… Read more »

Coach Laura and CrossFit Outbreak featured in New York Lifestyles Magazine

In the newly published August edition of New York Lifestyles Magazine, Dr. Jessica Shepherd interviewed Coach Laura Siegle. Inside this article are reasons why Laura enjoys CrossFit and CrossFit Outbreak so much, so check it out! The article can be… Read more »

“Three Locations and Counting” – CrossFit Outbreak Featured on Box Pro Magazine

Recently, Heather Hartmann of Box Pro Magazine spoke with owner and coach Adam Sturm about the evolution of CrossFit Outbreak and how the brand has expanded from one location to three thriving boxes. This article is filled with fascinating insight… Read more »

Men’s Fitness: Top 10 CrossFit Workouts For Weight Loss

Did you know that you can burn calories at an accelerated rate 12 hours after your workout ends? Well, it’s true. That’s the power of high intensity exercise such as CrossFit. Your body must replenish what is lost after a… Read more »

Have You Heard? CrossFit Outbreak Ranked 5th Best CrossFit Gym in NYC

In case you missed it, Timeout New York ranked the top 9 CrossFit gyms in NYC and CrossFit Outbreak was chosen 5th! It is an incredible honor for us to be named “the staple CrossFit gym in Brooklyn”, and we… Read more »

CrossFit Outbreak Featured on

In City Fit Girls article “How To Get Fit For Free in New York City“, our Saturday morning bootcamp is mentioned! This is a great way to get some fresh air to start your weekend, meet new friends, and most… Read more »