Our Coaches

Alex Adisorn

Alex was born in Buriram, Thailand and came over to the states when he was three. A competitor and athlete all his life, he grew up playing everything from soccer to wrestling to martial arts, with the latter eventually becoming his focus. Muay Thai being his foundation, Alex also gleaned knowledge from other disciplines like taekwondo, karate, boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His style being best described as Muay Thai with boxing combinations and mixed martial arts sensibilities. Always respecting the traditional, with an eye towards innovation.
When it comes to strength conditioning Alex is a jack of all trades. Training power lifting, interval training, strong man and plyometrics.
When not in the gym, Alex can be found bumming around on his moped or performing in theatre and the acting world at large. A classically trained actor with a mean one, two.

Kyle Fincham

Kyle grew up on the north shore of Lake Tahoe where he spent most of his time skiing, or praying for snow. His coaching career began at sixteen when he was hired by the local race foundation to teach its youngest shredders.

Kyle coached CrossFit for a number of years, and developed the movement program at CrossFit Virtuosity. He is currently a student of Ido Portal, and is dedicated to his practice. He loves his wife, and Metallica, equally.

Cathryne Shine

I’m Cathryne (Duh) I grew up in Garden City on L.I.
I have a cat whose name is Tyrion after Game of Thrones because I have an obsession with that show
I have been athletic my whole life starting with Soccer when I was 5 years old
I used to be a huge cardio junkie, I never wanted to lift weights because it didn’t give me that same heart pumping feeling. oh boy was I wrong
I first heard about crossfit and started it in December 2013 from a friend in college who thought I would like it as a crosstraining part of my cardio while I was training for my first half marathon
Slowly it became more of my fulltime workout with cardio/running on occasion. Then I became L1 certified in December 2016
My favorite wod of all time is Kelly (5 RFT, 400m run, 30 box jumps, 30 Wallballs)


Joel grew up very active and competitive playing football, baseball, soccer, basketball, and both roller and ice hockey. After a knee injury and multiple concussions playing high school football he was forced to stick with just lifting weights. Joel stayed active during college and really stepped up his endurance game running 5k’s, half marathons and even a full marathon. All the races in the world still didn’t fill the void left by the lack of competitive sports in Joel’s life. CrossFit was just what he needed, and he started his journey in March of 2012 after just shy of 10 years of “body building” type workouts. Joel was immediately humbled and tried to soak up as much knowledge as possible and completed his Level 1 in April of 2013. He thoroughly enjoys coaching athletes and expanding on his CrossFit knowledge base.

Joseph Whittaker

Growing up in England in a rugby obsessed family I was throwing a spin pass before I could walk. This began a lifelong obsession with athletics, especially power sports. Through college I played Rugby while running competitive track and field (starting as a sprinter and graduating to decathlon).

In 2010 I discovered Crossfit. To master Olympic lifts and Gymnastics I had to address mobility issues resulting from years of abuse on the Rugby field. I continue to compete in Crossfit today–refining althletic skills and feeling blessed to help others do the same.

Specialties: Strength and Conditioning,
Certifications: Crossfit, Level 1

Sarah Pope

I love the connection that you make with each athlete. The moments when you are able to help push them to their limits, see the light bulb “click,” or watch them push themselves, is absolutely amazing.”

Growing up I have constantly dabbled in many different sports from Ice hockey to Lacrosse and even Mui Tai. It was not until February 2012 when I moved to NYC that I discovered Crossfit. It was an instant love, which I immediately knew I wanted to pass on to others.  Of course the physical benefits were great, but nothing beat the feeling of “I can.” And as a coach that is my main goal, to empower each athlete, so they can push themselves and never leave a shred of doubt in anything they do.

Crossfit Level 1 & Level 2
Crossfit Mobility
USAW Level 1, Olympic Lifting
Active Life Seminar

Paul Roller

Paul is a coach who believes that although the workout program is a vital part of achieving any goal, nothing creates results more than hard work and consistency. He has experience working as a personal trainer, CrossFit Coach, Olympic Weightlifting coach, and at a university Exercise Science department and has seen many different approaches to fitness work for many different people, all with the above mentioned two things being common denominators. Paul focuses his coaching on proper technique for every exercise, keeping clients motivated, and connecting on a personal level with them.

Paul has been doing CrossFit since the summer of 2013 and has been focusing on training for competitive CrossFit ever since. He’s done many competitions in that time and is reinvigorated every time to train harder and smarter to come back a better athlete next time. There is a good chance that at any given moment, Paul is either training, eating, or doing something else to make himself a better athlete or coach.

He loves the fact that you can compare yourself to anyone else in the world in different aspects of fitness, and to also be able to learn new skills that you would never have thought you could. Above all else, Paul enjoys the community aspect of CrossFit the best. Having a good time with friends in the gym is what truly makes it all worthwhile, and this is one of the main reasons why Paul has chosen to be a coach as his profession.


  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Bachelors degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Sport and Exercise Conditioning from East Stroudsburg University
  • Masters degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Exercise Physiology from Florida Atlantic University
  • USA Weightlifting Certified Level 1 Sports Performance Coach


Laura Siegle

Laura grew up as a multi-sport competitive athlete, playing DIII soccer (until sidelined by an ankle injury), and lacrosse at Wesleyan University. Post-college, after dabbling in marathon running, she missed the communal aspect of team sports. Laura started CrossFit while spending the summer in Maine in 2014, and was hooked. Not only did she discover (via some initial extreme muscle soreness…) that a whole new level of fitness existed, but she was also excited to have found a more communal way to work out. She became a founding member of Outbreak’s first location in Clinton Hill when it opened that fall, and got her L-1 certification just over a year later. When not at the box, Laura teaches 6th grade Humanities at a public middle school in Manhattan (sometimes her students do burpees…). She can also be found bumming around Brooklyn on her bike, or fleeing the city to chase down some warmer weather in a tropical location. She loves coaching because her “students” don’t talk back, and because she loves being able to push and support Outbreak’s athletes, who so often achieve so much more than they thought they could.

Adam Sturm

Adam Sturm is a co-founder of CrossFit Outbreak. Adam has been CrossFitting at several boxes around NYC since 2010 and is a CrossFit L1 certified coach. He’s recently placed in a few local masters competitions, and in the 2013 CF Open he finished in the top 7% in his age group. This year he hopes to finish the Open in 200th place or better in order to advance to the next qualifying round.

As a former professional chef Adam spent 10 years cooking in some of the world’s top kitchens. After hanging up his chef whites he joined his family in starting a commercial printing company. An avid sports fan and all-around athlete, Adam grew up playing football and baseball, swimming, running and working out at the gym.  He has competed in several running and Olympic distance triathlons, and in 2003 he completed a half Ironman. When Adam’s knees started to resist the high impact of triathlon training, he switched to the high intensity of CrossFit instead and now feels as if he’s turned back the clock!

Adam is passionate about coaching and helping people meet their fitness goals. He also has seen how Crossfit can push people even beyond their goals to enhance their athletic capability.  Adam loves the sense of community CrossFit fosters and wants Outbreak to be a place where members can have fun and inspire each other while obtaining elite health and fitness.

USA Weightlifting Certified Level 1 Sports Performance Coach

Shimi Litkowski

Shimi Litkowski is a co-founder and the head coach of CrossFit Outbreak. Shimi has been CrossFitting and coaching in NYC for the past few years, and has been wanting to open his own Box because he has seen CrossFit change lives over and over again and loves the strong community Crossfit creates. Shimi is a hardcore endurance athlete but has watched CrossFit bring together groups of people to achieve goals they never could have met otherwise, and loves that camaraderie  and collective effort. As a coach, Shimi has seen people work harder than they have ever worked before and love every minute of it. He has seen pounds shed, illness healed, and people able to come off of their medications. For Shimi, Crossfit is a lifestyle choice that definitely yields a better quality of life.

Though you won’t see him eating them at the gym, Shimi loves doughnuts. However, he has a strict 25 burpee penalty for each doughnut he eats. 

And on the topic of burpees, Shimi is currently trying to trim down his 1,000 burpee time to sub-60 minutes. 

Shimi is the kind of athlete who decided last summer to just “drop in” on an Ironman without much training. And Crossfit has helped him with one of the hardest challenges he’s done to date, the Spartan Ultra Beast in Killington, Vermont–  a 30+ mile race with 40+ obstacles (and we mean obstacles!) up the side of a 4,000 foot mountain with no course map.



CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Gymnastics
Advanced Olympic Lifting Certification (AOLC)
Basic Olympic Lifting Certification (BOLC)

Mike Wade

Mike discovered CrossFit in 2012 when a friend showed him a YouTube video of Rich Froning at the 2011 CrossFit Games. Overweight by age thirteen (5’8”, 270lbs., body fat well over 40% at his heaviest), Mike began strength training with his former Little League baseball coach in northeastern PA. A year later, he made his varsity high school baseball team as starting catcher, and a love affair with fitness began. After a four-year career as a starter and PIAA and Lackawanna League All-Star, Mike studied psychology with minors in health science and history. During college, he replaced weight training with distance running, before eventually seeking a program which balanced both disciplines and expanded his overall athletic portfolio. Then he saw the Froning video. Mike began training himself in accordance with the CrossFit methodology while working as a personal trainer as a chain gym. He did all of the WODs without ever dropping a barbell, since the weights weren’t rubber. Mike specializes in the front squat, helpful analogies, and belting out Enrique Iglesias’ ‘Hero’ in the middle of a WOD. He loves training, he loves being able to answer questions, and he loves watching other people achieve more than they thought they could. Mike has previously competed in the Spartan Sprint at Blue Mountain, PA, and plans to compete in the 2015 CrossFit Open.

Coach Victor

As many of brazilian, Victor was always a sports enthusiastic, since his childhood. With a Drama Degree, worked at many prizewinning theatrical companies and spectacles in Brazil, have written a play which was funded and sponsored byGovernment ofSão Paulo, worked with a bunch of well known directors, starred some films; anyway, the success as an actor made him negligent about his health and appearance. Thereat, his life had a turning point about 2 years ago: a kidney stone made him left the stage during a play. It was at this time, when he just started concerning about his health, that he was introduced to something that would change his life: CrossFit. And became a passionate athlete every since. Did the Level 1 Course and worked for 1 year as assistant coach at box Jardins Crossfit (São Paulo/Brail) and 4 months at Training Center Daniel Costa (João Pessoa/Brazil). In his classes, further then use the 2 years experience beach soccer player in an amateur league, 2 years at Capoeira classes, 1 year of yoga practicing, he uses all de knowledge in communication, interaction and body conscience that the life as an actor brings. Also, he has yet a Law Degree, which is helpful to develop oratory. When Victor is not training some gymnastic movements you can find him attending to some art events, playing his guitar or playing soccer at the park. If you want a workout partner or a cheering coach, just call him!