New Year Challenge 2018

 30-Day New Year Challenge – Starts January 8 — Win cash prizes for being more fit!
Have you always wanted to do a handstand pushup? Are you almost able to do your pull-ups without the band? Are you packing a few extra holiday pounds? Wanting to try Paleo eating (or learn more about it) or just change up your nutrition?
We want to help you meet your goals this year!
We will be hosting a 30-day New Year Challenge to any member interested. The cost is $35 to sign up. Based on the progress towards the goal of your choice along with the scoring sheet posted below, the top 2 male and females will receive cash prizes!
Here’s what OUR thirty-day challenge involves. Please join and start the new year right!!
– Take a current photo of yourself (PG-13, please).
– Write up a few sentences we can share with other members describing your personal thirty-day challenge. Maybe you want to change your diet or stop drinking to see how it impacts your energy and weight. Maybe you want to be able to do some unbroken double unders. Maybe you just want to get to more workouts every week. YOU decide.
– We will work as a community to support each other’s goals.
– In February you will submit new blurbs (and photos if you want), as well as your scoring sheet (link below) and the other members and coaches will vote on a winner.
Submit your entries to by January 7.