One Small Tip To Get Your First Pullup, Double Under, or Muscle Up: by Coach Richard Wood

Do you not have double unders? Or pull-ups (kipping or strict)? Or handstand push ups? Canʼt get below parallel on a squat? Hereʼs a tip on how to get them. PRACTICE!

Too many times, our experience as athletes is limited by the inability to perform these movements in a workout. Some of these limitations are due to the lack of strength, mobility or skill. However, it shouldnʼt be the end of the line for you. If you want these movements, and be proficient at them, you have to earn them by practicing them.

Come a little early or stay a little later after class. 2 to 4 times per week, use that time to practice. Talk to a coach, ask for some insights on what youʼre doing right and what youʼre doing wrong. Record yourself, and look for the faulty movements patterns. Gain the strength, mobility and skill set. And little by little start incorporating those news skills in your wod. Doesnʼt matter if it slows you down, or doesnʼt allow to finish the wod. Itʼll humble you to keep working harder.